Unheard Voices: poetry workshop for young people with disabilities

A free online Zoom poetry workshop for young people with disabilities Running from
Next event: Saturday 30 January at 2pm

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Unheard Voices is a free online poetry workshop for young people with disabilities, put together by Young Storyhouse as part of Kaleidoscope.

Join us in a celebration of all our disabilities in this poetry workshop with Gabriella Gay and Adrian McKenzie with the theme of: ‘I am’. Aimed at young people with disabilities, this workshop is open to anyone who wants to share their uniqueness. While the session itself will focus on poetry, we encourage anyone who enjoys writing, in any of its many forms, to take part.

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Storyhouse’s Young Leaders are running this event. They feel passionate about not only bringing disability awareness to more people but also letting those who feel their voices have gone unheard be heard through their writing.

Gabriella Gay is a page-stage poet and creative producer who is regularly commissioned to perform, write, organise events and facilitate workshops for a wide range of organisations. She is interested amplifying the voices of overlooked people and places.

Adrian McKenzie is a slam winning performance poet from Stoke-on-Trent. His works provoke the listener to consider their perspectives on social and personal themes

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Saturday 30 January 2pm Online

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Activities Unheard Voices: poetry workshop for young people with disabilities
Sat 2pm

To listen to an audio description of this event read by Young Storyhouse, click the play button below.   Unheard…

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