WayWord | Funny Looking Kids: Comedy Club

Prepare for a rag tag bag of tomfoolery and nonsense - comedy for kids with an alternative twist!
  • All tickets £5
  • Garret Theatre

Part of: WayWord Festival

Smashing into the side of mighty Storyhouse!


  • Sketches
  • Jokes
  • Quizzes
  • Prizes
  • Chaos

Think Vic & Bob go for a tin mug of warm milk with the Mighty Boosh and all nip home to watch Horrible Histories on VHS! FOR KIDS!

Liverpool’s first regular comedy club for kids (and their invited guests/handlers…), fresh from their monthly residency at the Bluecoat, sails out of the Mersey and down the Dee to you! We wants your giggles, guffaws and chortles please!

From the first sketch to the final legendary joke competition, Funny Looking Kids: Comedy Club is a rag tag bag of tomfoolery and nonsense. Chaos and cacophony. Silliness and stupidity. Comedy for kids with an alternative twist.

Featuring some of the North West’s best character comedians and mirth wranglers. MC and Ringmaster Gav Cross knows WayWord well as the PopUp Storyteller and dragon story handler of the last two years!


  • No Swears
  • No Peanuts
  • No Uniform
  • Bring Jokes!

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Approx 60 mins

Upcoming events

Wednesday 21 February 4pm Garret Theatre Selling fast

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