Britain on Film: Welcome to Britain (PG)

Part of Refugee Week 2019 Running from
Last event: Sunday 23 June 2019 at 3.15pm
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Part of: The Great Get Together

Chester City of Sanctuary formed last year as a group of volunteers whose aim is to promote a culture of welcome and hospitality to those seeking asylum.

During the past century, immigration has enabled this country to develop to its present state. This film celebrates the wonderful diversity of peoples that have enabled this process.

In a time of constant debates around immigration both nationally and internationally, the archive film programme Britain on Film: Welcome to Britain looks back to chart a century of arrivals to the UK.

Featuring the voices of different generations of British immigrants, these incredibly valuable archive films let you witness early multi-culturalism in London and Manchester, the traditions of immigrant communities, and the stories of second-generation immigrants amid racism and rioting in the ‘70s and ‘80s. See Basque families fleeing the Spanish Civil War arrive in Southampton; Vietnamese children find sanctuary in Birmingham; a Jewish family escape the pogroms of pre-war Romania for a Derby suburb.

Introduced by Chester City Of Sanctuary




Approx 84 mins

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