An original drama, based on Wilfred Owen’s tragically brief life, to mark the centenary of his death in World War One on November 4th 1918.

Jenny and Paul Shryane have recreated Owen’s life through a selection of Owen’s 500+ letters that he wrote to his mother, Susan Owen, from his school days (in Birkenhead) to his tragic death in the First World War. Unfortunately Susan’s letters to her son were destroyed but local writer Jan Bengree, through extensive research, has created Susan’s imagined responses, giving us an insight into both the character of Wilfred’s mother and their intense mother-son relationship.


Photograph courtesy of Peter Owen


Approx 60 mins

On Stage The Wizard of Oz
Storyhouse Theatre

Coming to Storyhouse this Christmas: based on the classic MGM musical motion picture, featuring all the favourite songs, including Somewhere Over The Rainbow and We’re Off To See The Wizard.

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