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Buy your day pass to attend this and other events at WOW: Women of the World festival Chester

Come along to WOW Bites for short talks, performances, readings and soapbox moments delivered by all sorts of women with amazing stories. Speakers cover a wide range of subjects from the serious to the frivolous.


Cheshire Hell Cats: Sam Platt from Cheshire Hell Cats Roller Derby
Heels & the Dog Collar: Stephanie Lester on being a trainee vicar
Cheshire Without Abuse: a poem written and performed by survivors
SHARE: Monica Hogg, co-founder of SHARE (Supporting Homeless, Assisting Refugees Everywhere) talks about the company’s work both locally and internationally
Sughra Ahmed‘s roadtrip across America, between the US election and inauguration, took her into the homes of the deep south. She shares her open and frank conversations with republican supporting, religious folk on issues such as gender, religion, race, politics and family values.


Diary of a Woman on a Bike: Eleanor Suggett has ridden her bike most days for just over two years. What began as a mere means of commuting soon grew into an obsession. Her diary charts the ups and downs of her journey on two wheels.
Making The Tea: Sally Buttifant talks about sexism in the workplace.
From Bangladesh to Chester: Poetry by Ayesha Ahmed
What if?: Kate Hutchinson was born in 1970 in a hospital in the north of England, whoever delivered her took one look at the new born baby and decided there and then that she was a boy.  She lived for a long time dealing with the consequences of that decision. Tackling self doubt, uncertainty and fear to gain empowerment, confidence and the ability to reach her potential while finding her truth are some of the things Kate talks about in her WOW bite.
Whychcraft: Ayesha Tan-Jones talks about the importance of reconnection back to nature, our spirit and lost wisdom through art, music and magic.


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Approx 60 mins

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We’ll be announcing more of the line-up over the next few weeks, but for now the festival will include panel…