DSN (Deafness Support Network) support children, young people and adults across the North West who have a Hearing Loss: are Deaf; deaf; deafened; hard-of-hearing or who are D/deafblind. DSN set up Youth Vibe Youth Group to support children and young people who are d/Deaf in the local area.

The Youth Group is for 8-19 year olds and meets weekly in Chester. The Young Leaders Group take on a leadership responsibility to plan and support Youth Vibe Youth Group Session. Young Leaders are aged 14-25 year olds and are either current or past members of DSN’s Youth Vibe Youth Group.

The Cheshire West and Chester Young Leaders Group meet on the first Wednesday of the month at Storyhouse from 6pm – 8pm.

For more information regarding Youth Vibe:
Phone: 0333 220 5050
Email: dsn@dsnonline.co.uk
Web: dsnonline.co.uk/services/youth-services/
Facebook: @youthvibecheshire
Twitter: @youthvibe_dsn
Instagram: @youthvibe_dsn


8 - 19

Time details

6pm - 8pm

Upcoming events

Wednesday 1 February 6pm Meeting Room
Wednesday 1 March 6pm Meeting Room

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