Storyhouse welcomes visitors and loves to show itself off!

Do you belong to a group which would welcome the opportunity to tour Storyhouse?
If so, please complete the form below: a member of the tour team will contact you to arrange details for a tour within 7 days.

Tours will last approximately 1 hour, during which you will visit all the public areas of the building, including the library and restaurant and café. The main theatre, the Garret theatre, the cinema and backstage areas will be included according to availability on the day. The tour will also cover the history of the building, the background to Storyhouse and current activities, events and performances. Please note that tours can not include any access to the stage itself for health and safety reasons.

Please note the following when requesting a tour:

• Tours are offered at 10am on Monday – Friday only.

• The maximum group size is 15 people.

• Please allow at least 4 weeks notice for arranging a tour.

• If possible, please supply at least two possible dates for tours.

• There is no charge for tours but as a registered charity Storyhouse welcomes donations.

Tour Bookings