Activities Spanish for adults
Meeting Room

A relaxing class for people who want to learn Spanish but don’t want the formality of a college environment or exams.

Activities Chester German
Tomorrow 11am + more times
Meeting Room

An informal yet structured course with an emphasis on the spoken language with a friendly and experienced German tutor. Suitable…

Activities Love Later Life: Market Place
Mon 11am

An opportunity to meet the faces behind charities and organisations in the region that run activities and services for older adults.

Activities Poetry Open Mic Afternoon
Mon 2.30pm
Garret Theatre

Part of Love Later Life. Take the stage and perform a poem, song, monologue or stand up routine!

Activities Improv Gym for Over 50s
Meeting Room

A drama improvisation workshop open to the over 50s, ideal for those who want to discover their playful side and…

Activities Chatter and Natter
The Kitchen

A space for people to talk whether its for five minutes while you have a brew, or for an hour…

Activities Colouring Club
The Den

Especially for people aged over 16 with learning disabilities/autism but open to the whole community. Do you like colouring in…

Activities The Friday Uplift Group
Meeting Room

The Friday Uplift is a peer led confidence, health and well-being group. The group will meet to share problems, generate…