Activities Spanish for adults
Meeting Room

Sessions begin at  10am and 11am for one hour each Saturday, in the Meeting Room. A relaxing class for people…

Activities Asian Storytelling and Craft

A farmer mouse is searching for the strongest being on earth to be his son-in-law. Who would he find? Come…

Activities Workshop: Animation
Garret Theatre

You will create a comic strip storyboard, using the Summer Reading Challenge ‘mischief maker’ theme which you will then animate…

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Activities Workshop: Storytelling and real animal handling experience
The Den

The ZooLab animals will be participating in all sorts of mischief, pranks, escapades and shenanigans as they descend upon their…

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Activities Storytelling with Rogan Mills
The Den

Storytelling around the theme of Mischief Makers.   “What a marvellous storyteller – I wish I could tell bedtimes stories this well.” (Parent…

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Activities Workshop: Mischief Maker Science Workshop
The Kitchen

In this workshop you will be led through a series of activities which include Gross slime making, Horrible smells (let’s…

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Activities Comic Book Workshop
The Den

A workshop for you to develop your very own Mischief Maker character. You will look at front covers of Beano…

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Activities Art Spark

Art Spark is a fun family art club for Chester’s home-educating community. The group learn about famous and world art, and try out…