Cinema Puss In Boots: The Last Wish (PG)

1 hr 40 | AD | Puss In Boots has burned through eight of his nine lives with his taste for danger and getting them back sends him on his grandest quest yet

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Cinema Rye Lane (15)
Tomorrow 11am, 6pm; Tue 1.30pm, 8.30pm; Wed 11am, 3.45pm, 8.30pm; Thu 4.30pm

1 hr 22 | AD | Rye Lane is a new rom- com about two twenty-somethings both reeling from bad break-ups, who connect over the course of an eventful day in South London

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Cinema Lunana: A Yak In The Classroom (PG)
Today 7.45pm; Tomorrow 1pm; Tue 3.30pm

1 hr 49 | AD | A teacher struggling for inspiration is sent to the remotest school in the world. It takes being so far away to understand the importance of his work.

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Cinema Dance Craze (12A)
Wed 6pm

1 hr 28 | AD | The legendary film Dance Craze captures the best of 2 Tone Records, the iconic label that emerged from Coventry in 1979 to release the best of the British ska revival.

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Cinema Mummies (U)

1 hr 28 | AD | Mummies is a fun family animated adventure that follows three Egyptian mummies who accidentally enter the modern world.

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