Family Events in Chester

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Activities Rhymetime
The Kitchen

Join us in the Kitchen at Storyhouse for some fun rhymes and stories with the library team. Suitable for younger children and toddlers.

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Activities Summer Reading Challenge Launch
Sat 10am, 1pm
The Kitchen

Follow the crafty map checklist to tick off some fantastic activities including Junk Modelling, Sign Language, and Rock Painting.

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Activities Cave Paintings
Sun 11am
The Kitchen

Stig used to run after animals with a pointy stick – but only to draw them with his pencil! Now he’s discovered pastels and charcoal, he’s in his element. Come and join the fun and make your own cave art.

Activities Hunter Gatherer Trail
Tomorrow 11am; Wed 11am; Thu 11am; Fri 11am; Sat 11am; Sun 11am + more times

Fancy yourself as a Hunter Gatherer? Follow the trail of clues and see what cleverly hidden creatures you can find.

Activities Fox Craft
The Kitchen

Since Stig and Barney rescued a fox, Stig’s cave has become a haven for furry friends. Why not make your own paper fox to take home or maybe leave one in Stig’s cave?

Activities Kaleidoscope: MiniFest – Dance and Music in The Kitchen
The Kitchen

An afternoon of music and dance with Space Cheshire and House of Dance. Plus sensory crafts and arts.

Activities Cantonese Storytelling
Storytelling Room

Cantonese storytelling, activities and crafts for children aged 4-9 with Joyce Wong, a member of Chester’s Hong Kong community.

Activities Italian Storytelling
Storytelling Room

Join Daniela (member of the community) for storytelling in Italian. Suitable for children and families, all welcome.

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