For Ticket-Holders for Oliver Twist! Cancelled Performances

For Ticket-Holders for Oliver Twist! Cancelled Performances

We’re devastated to have to cancel your tickets for Oliver Twist! on Sunday 19th December.

Unfortunately, two of our actors have come down with Covid, despite our best efforts.  We have two understudies and are busy re-rehearsing so that we can, hopefully, resume the run before Christmas. All of our staff and creative teams are tested every day, a policy we put in place in July. So, despite some of the most robust defences in the industry, it turns out we are just as human!

We may or may not get back up and running, and of course we may face a lockdown as well.  So, this is not only frustrating for us and for you, it’s also an uncertain situation, for which we apologise.

Your options for refunds are below, including the option to hang on and see if we can re-schedule your tickets for another Christmas date.

Oliver Twist! is our 7th full scale theatre production since the start of the pandemic, and Storyhouse has been just about the country’s busiest cultural organisation during these tough times.

When we embarked on Oliver Twist!, we asked you to donate the first £10 of the ticket price at the point of a covid cancellation, and this made you a Christmas theatre angel, our own Clarence Odbody. Thank you. It’s made it possible for us to take these huge risks of staging shows during the pandemic, in fact it’s the only thing that has made it so. You have an option to review this donation below.

Please fill out the below form to let us know what you would like to do with your ticket.


Oliver Twist Cancelled Performances

    All ticket refunds are minus the £10 donation detailed above.


Will I get a refund?
You will be able to choose from a refund of your ticket (minus the £10 donation) or to donate the remainder of your ticket amount to Storyhouse. This will be processed within 14 days – thank you for bearing with us over the Christmas period.

Will I be refunded my donation?
£10 of each ticket price was a donation pledged towards a covid related cancellation, which is unfortunately what has happened. It’s not our job to make your life harder right now, we’re all in this together and we know that Christmas is tough for many this year. If you are experiencing real difficulty or for any reason want to reverse this donation, write to us here and we will include this amount in your refund.

Do I need to do anything else?
If you have opted to wait to see if we can accommodate you in another show, we will contact you again as soon as we know.

Take care of yourselves, and thank you again.