Twinkle Twinkle Little Rhymers

Twice a week, Storyhouse is serenaded by happy little people (and their big people) enjoying the popular Rhymetime sessions run by the Library team. These free, half-hour sessions for babies, toddlers and young children feature a selection of songs and rhymes and help to develop language and communication skills. Library team member Katie Gilliland tells us more..

What do little ones learn at each session? 

As well as being fun and interactive, the rhymes and songs deliver spoken language in a way that’s easy for children to engage with and can help them learn about words, sounds and language. Alongside literacy skills, Rhymetime helps with learning how to communicate, such as joining in and taking turns. 


What do parents/carers get out of it? 

It’s a great opportunity to bond with their children, but also offers a friendly and inclusive space to meet up and socialise. One Mum told us recently how she still regularly meets up with parents she met years ago whilst taking her first child to Rhymetime.  


How do you design a session? 

There is a team of around seven library staff members that take it in turns to deliver each session and we each have a different routine (or ‘set list’ as we like to call it!). However, we all like to start with our Hello Everyone song and end with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star as this provides some consistency.  


What’s your favourite part of Rhymetime? 

I really enjoy our occasional visits from the Blue Bear who is the mascot for Bookstart (part of Booktrust) which is an amazing programme that aims to encourage a love of books, stories and rhymes in children. It’s also lovely to see the same children attending Rhymetime each week and watching them become more confident and engaged each time.  


Any tips for practicing at home? 

Studies have shown that children will take comfort from rhymes when they are repeated and become familiar. A lot of the rhymes and songs we do are available digitally to use at home at and there are a lot of other great resources there too. We also have nursery rhyme books available to borrow in the library that you can refer to when you’re at home. 


Rhymetime sessions are at Storyhouse every Tuesday and Thursday at 10.30am and 11.30am
FREE, drop in.