Ruby Slippers competition 👠

To celebrate the opening of The Wizard of Oz, Storyhouse’s Young Marketers have put together a Ruby Slippers treasure hunt around Chester! You could win 4 tickets to see The Wizard of Oz at Storyhouse this Christmas!

How to win:
Eight pairs of ruby slippers have been hidden at locations across Chester city centre. Your task is to discover every pair of slippers (follow Storyhouse on social media for clues!), which will each have a letter of the alphabet. Together, these letters will spell out an Oz-related word.

Once you’ve completed the task, head into Storyhouse and post your entry  into the competition box inside Dorothy’s house in the main lobby.

Keep your eye on Storyhouse’s Twitter and Instagram (@StoryhouseLive) for clues. 

Download the competition entry form here, or pick one up in Storyhouse or any participating shop:
Ruby Slipper competition