Volunteers Week: Meet Mike!

1 June -7 June is Volunteers Week and we are celebrating the amazing contribution that our volunteers make at Storyhouse!

We have 175 volunteers who give up their free time to support the organisation. Their contributions range from from stewarding to supporting Young Storyhouse and community events, assisting the wardrobe department, and even planting and growing the set at GPOAT in 2021!

Mike Roberts is one of our brilliant volunteers. Here’s a bit more about him.

Hi Mike, can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Mike Roberts and I live in Hawarden. I used to be in the Fire Service in North Wales. When I am on shift, I usually cycle into Storyhouse along the river. OK, I have a electric bike so some people say that’s cheating.

How long have you been a volunteer at Storyhouse?

I have volunteered at Storyhouse since the building opened in 2017. One of the first things I was involved in was the book chain, where all the books were transferred from the old library by groups of school children passing them one at a time into Storyhouse.

What does being a volunteer at Storyhouse entail?

Being a volunteer means I get to welcome a whole range of people and I get to help ensure that they have a good time whilst they are in the building.

I am involved with the Kaleidoscope Open Mic Nights in the Garret theatre. This is a monthly event where people with special needs come and they sing, dance, tell jokes and just have a lovely evening. We have over 65 people attending this event.

What do you most enjoy about being a volunteer here?

The thing I most enjoy about being a volunteer is that I get to meet and greet some lovely people and ensure that they have a good time. I also get to work with a great team of volunteers and staff!