Young Programmers

This group is currently full. Check back here for opportunities later in the year.

Young Programmers make creative choices about a variety of events, activities and opportunities at Storyhouse. From cinema and theatre to digital platforms; Young Programmers have access to all areas. Young Programmers are a community of young people aged 14-25 who connect and share experiences with the added opportunity to grow and learn together.

‘There are no limits. We get to make choices about what we love’ – Phoebe, Young Programmer 2022

What we do

We are the voice of young people and ensure communities are represented across Storyhouse and reflected in our programming choices. We inspire others to take part and be introduced to new opportunities.

How we do it

Create events in all spaces of Storyhouse including its digital platforms.
Collaborate with industry professionals and Chester communities.
Be accessible, inclusive and a safe space.
Look for gaps in programming to bring in new and existing audiences.

Our goal

Be diverse in our programming choices. Looking specifically at championing independent Cinema.

Become a Young Programmer

Develop the skills that you already have to the next level.
Create a portfolio of professional experiences that helps you with future jobs and further training.
Experience different roles within the Creative Industry, such as marketing, finance, community engagement and producing.
Contribute your experience to the Storyhouse community.
Listen and learn about other people’s experiences and perspectives.
You are given the platform to express who you are.

‘It is place where I feel equal’ – Francesca
‘a place to develop your own identity’ – Mia
‘make new friends and build industry connections’ – Alice
‘Somewhere to express things you’re passionate about’
– Sam

Previous Projects include:
· In On The Act podcast
· LGBTQIA+ Season
· Young Takeover 
· Heritage Cinema
· Black History Month