Young Programmers

The programme team create and choose theatre, music, dance and film events to happen at Storyhouse. Storyhouse Young Programmers get real life experience creating their own events.

The Young Programmers are always looking for young people aged 14-25 to join them! They meet on Monday evenings and you can join from anywhere in the world, the meetings are virtual. The Young Programmers are committed to creating a team which is representative of our society, and to bringing together those with a variety of skills and experiences to help shape what Storyhouse does.

Young Programmers have:

· Organised and hosted special film events at Storyhouse

· Attended the Independent Cinema Office Film Screening Days for industry professionals to watch films in advance of their cinema releases

· Organised open mic nights in Storyhouse Garret Theatre

· Created and managed building takeovers for Young Takeover

· Created and managed online takeovers of Young Takeover

Find out more about their current projects below and then complete the form at the bottom of the page to sign up or email if you have any questions!

Young Programmers aim to:

Create events for all spaces of Storyhouse including digital platforms.

Bring in new young audiences to Storyhouse.

Showcase young performers and young talent.

2021 Young Programmer projects

In On The Act Podcast. This is a series hosted and programmed by the young programmers with a focus on information for young people around careers and access to the arts. You can listen to the latest season here.

Theatre. The programmers are currently working with the creators of Half Man Half Bull and will be programming audio and live experiences for audiences to experience gig style theatre. The programmers are always looking for professional work to programme on Storyhouse stages.

Cinema. The programmers have a Black History season planned once cinemas are open again! And will continue to programme at least one film per month.

Young Takeover. This is an event to showcase young performers from around the world, taking over all spaces of Storyhouse. Last year the event was all online and – find what happened here.

During Young Programmers you will:

· Receive mentoring and training

· Meet industry professionals

· Learn about programming, marketing and event management

· Plan, run, market and host festivals and events in Storyhouse and on Storyhouse digital platforms

· Develop a valuable portfolio of experience

· Have the opportunity to attend film screenings and theatre events

· Collaborate with like-minded young people

· The option to work towards your Arts Award Qualification.

Join Storyhouse Young Programmers 2021

    Feel free to choose more than one, or all!

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