Young Programmers on their latest movie choice

Mia and Alice are members of Storyhouse’s Young Programmers – a team of 14-25 year olds who create and choose theatre, music, dance and film events to happen at Storyhouse.

Their latest selection is the documentary about Korea’s hit girl group Blackpink, currently the most-followed girl group on Spotify and the most-subscribed music group, female act, and Asian act on YouTube.

Mia and Alice explain their choice for screening this at Storyhouse cinema:

Kpop: a music genre which has become internationally famous across the world. From intense dance routines to impressive vocals to immaculate music videos. Blackpink is a fabulous four member Kpop girl group who never fail to show off their impressive talents.

Formed by YG Entertainment 5 years ago,  Blackpink The Movie celebrates the groups impressive journey from rookies to glorious superstars. This film not only marks the success of the group but also provides exclusive concert footage and interviews to really broadcast the girls’ individual or collective feelings about their careers.

Do you want to be amazed by impeccable talent from four stunning girls?
Are you ready to engage more with the Kpop universe?
Would you want to dive into a genre that inspires fans to be unique and one of a kind?
Well if you are willing to experience the true story of the growth of Blackpink then this film is perfect for you! Whether you’re a die hard fan or new to the genre then this movie will no doubt surprise you in many different ways.

Let Blackpink hit you with that DDU DU DDU DU or become PRETTY SAVAGE just like the Blackpink girls!

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