Stay Clean and Carry On

Stay Clean and Carry On

Stay Clean and Carry On!

Coronavirus Advice and Information

Storyhouse is a place for happiness and support, we aim to keep it that way. We’ll be working through, unless someone stops us! The Storyhouse team are 100% committed to your safety and comfort. Please try to follow Public Health England advice on how to keep yourself and others healthy and follow etiquette on cleaning and coughing for the sake of everyone. If you’re at all uncomfortable about anything, then please let us know immediately.

Here are a few new things you’ll notice in Storyhouse in our #staycleanandcarryon campaign:

• New hand sanitisers on walls

• Cleaning stations in public spaces for your use

• More bins to adios the rubbish

• Increased deep-cleaning regimes

• Zero dirty table policy

We have no plans to cancel any activities for health reasons but will follow government advice and will update you as necessary.

Thanks – and stay happy!

We are in a fight for survival. 

Our charity is resilient, but we need your help to come back even stronger. We can only do that with the support of our 1m customers and friends.

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