Join Storyhouse Schools Residency

Join Storyhouse Schools Residency

Join Storyhouse Schools Residency! We offer a range of options where creativity is embedded in every subject.

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Book a free consultation with one of Storyhouse's Creative Learning Practitioners to discuss your school's creative and wellbeing needs.

How we work

We inspire and engage students and teachers to champion creativity and place it at the heart of their learning.

We co-design our programme of work with your teachers, making your partnership individual to your school/college!

Our work is influenced by the late educationalist Dorothy Heathcote who saw the relationships between ‘expert’ adults and children as a collaborative endeavour. We will support your teachers to develop pedagogy for applying creativity.

We find ways to explore career pathways, finding opportunities for your students to meet industry experts and learn about different careers.

What we do

Our options are flexible to suit your needs:

Schools’ Residency

This is for educators who are keen to build their commitment to creativity and want to invest in it as a way of enhancing their students learning experience.

Level 3 – Creative Learning Practitioner in your school one day a week for a full year.
Level 2 – Creative Learning Practitioner in your school half a day a week for a full year.

We will always advocate for a residency – because we believe in social impact through long term change. But we know that sometimes you want to book a one-off activity, workshop or project – we understand and can do this!

Level 1 – A one-off project or series of workshops designed with you.
Mini Package – A one-off workshop to meet your creative needs.

If you are an Academy Trust ask us about how we can create a bespoke package together.

Impact for your school

· Bespoke workshops designed with your teachers.
· Opportunities for your students to gain qualifications through Arts Award projects.
· Sessions spotlighting careers within the industry.
· Support for your broad and balanced curriculum.
· Support for cultural capital with experiences that enhance your students engagement with culture.
· Through our approach of blending project-based learning with drama, your students explore multiple perspectives, to find solutions to complex problems.

Download our Schools Pack for further information on the options available to you.

To chat to one of the team and explore which option might be right for you contact us at or email
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Rhianne and Jacob are Storyhouse’s Creative Learning Practitioners!
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