Studies of the Heart

A season of films presented by the Storyhouse Young Film Programmers
  • All tickets: £5
  • Cinema

Young Programmers Season: Studies of the Heart

How can you describe love?

You could fall in love at first sight or it could take you ten years. You have friends that you love unconditionally, or parents you love, but still can’t help but fight with. Then there’s the importance of loving yourself.

In this short season, presented by the Storyhouse Young Film Programmers, we explore all the different forms of love, from all around the world.

So come along and experience give films that speak the language of love, in all its many guises.

There will be no trailers or adverts before these screenings, which will have a short introduction at the advertised start time.

Cinema Appropriate Behaviour (15)

1 hr 25 | A young American-Iranian woman deals with her recent break-up and wrestles with her sexuality.

Past event
Cinema Beautiful Thing (15)

1 hr 30 | Seminal drama about two young Londoners who discover their sexuality, to the soundtrack of Mama Cass.

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Cinema Our Little Sister (PG)

2 hrs 4 | In this beautiful Japanese drama, three young women invite their teenage half-sister into their coastal home after the death of their estranged father.

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Cinema The Apartment (PG)

2 hrs 5 | Jack Lemmon & Shirley MacLaine star in Billy Wilder’s Oscar winning-classic, about an office worker who uses his apartment to try to rise to the executive suite.

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