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Sunday 24 September

The F Words: Friends & Family

How Can We Help Them Understand & Support a Childless Life

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As a childless person do you dread family occasions? Never know what people will come out with? Or are you the family member who doesn’t know what to say, but wants to be supportive? Listen to hints and tips, and learn from other people’s mistakes – based on lived experience.

This event is for you if you are never sure how to talk to your family and friends about being childless; if you are family/friends of childless people and want to learn “what not to say”.

This is also for you if you want to share your experiences of dealing with friends and family either positive or negative with other audience members.

Approx 60 mins

Included in the Festival Pass: Members: £18 / Non-members: £20
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This event will be facilitated by Kirstie Higgins, Childless not By Choice (host of Chester Lighthouse Women group). Kirstie Higgins discovered back in 2017 that her future was going to be as a woman who is childless not by choice rather than the mother she had always hoped to be. She hosts the Chester group of Lighthouse Women, the online community for the involuntarily childless, connecting women together in person to cultivate friendship & support.

Kirstie will be joined by parents of grown up children childless by choice as well as Ali Hall – the face behind the childfree by choice Twitter account.

Ali is a freelance writer with a popular portfolio on the childfree choice and also founded the Abnormally Normal substack. She views kindness as her superpower and dogs and nature as her oxygen. Find her running long distances on the hills and trails in Scotland and Ireland.

This event has been inspired by the parents who sat in the audience last year asking for advice on how to support their childless family member.

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