Young Storyhouse: what next?

Young Storyhouse: what next?

Have you completed one of our Young Storyhouse programmes? Looking for something to do next? Or looking to reconnect with us? 

What next? 

You can find some of our other programmes here. They include film, programming, reading, performing, design and marketing! 

Many of our young people have continued to develop and use their skills in other ways at Storyhouse and beyond. 


Jolyne completed the Young Leaders programme in 2019. In 2020 she started the Young Readers group and programmed events as part of the Chester Literature Festival. She was deputy chair of Young Catalysts in 2021 and became a Kickstart Trainee in Creative Learning at the end of 2021 on a 6-month placement. Once she has completed her training placement Jolyne plans to work with communities in Chester. 


Phoebe completed the Young Film Programmers and Young Leaders programme in 2017. She became the first Storyhouse Young Trustee in 2018 and launched the first group of Young Catalysts, whilst also attending University. As Coordinator for the Young Programmers, she can be found programming events in Chester, across digital platforms and across the building! She is also a part of an eco-theatre company, which is a young, queer and female led group that has its roots in friendships made whilst at University. 


Sam completed the Young Leaders programme in 2019. During Young Leaders he developed an interest in Marketing, which led him to join the Young Marketers to build a portfolio of marketing experience. Putting his newly developed marketing skills to use Sam joined the Young Programmers helping with their marketing campaigns for young people events across Storyhouse. Whilst juggling a job in hospitality Sam also became a Kickstart Trainee in Marketing at the end of 2021 on a 6-month placement. Once he has completed the placement Sam plans to continue his career path in marketing and design. 


Rosey completed the Young Leaders programme in 2019. With an aspiration for performing she went on to Newcastle-under-Lyme college to study acting and was Trainee Actor in the Storyhouse production of Oliver Twist in 2021. Rosey’s next plans are to attend Drama School to further her training. 

Can I reconnect with Young Storyhouse? 

You can always reach out to us. As a Young Storyhouse member or graduate you will be able to access support from our dedicated team who will be available to provide information advice and guidance should you need to talk. You can meet Joe, our Pastoral Support Lead and contact the team on You can also book a meeting with Joe using this link:

We also love to hear about what you have been doing, do also drop us an email to give us an update on where you are now. 

How else can I get support after a programme has finished? 

You can arrange to meet one of the team to help you plan your next steps. This support usually lasts for up to 6 months, but there can be some situations where this support might be for longer, for example: 

  • A placement, job or volunteering position didn’t work out and we need to re look at your options 
  • You have no support in place from other agencies and we need to help you build on this 

These meetings with a member of the team typically last up to 45 mins once a month. We may even venture out from time to time to visit a workplace, Job Centre or college to enable you to get a feel for the place, explore and ask questions before you complete any applications. 

We can also contribute towards costs for things like transport and equipment to enable you to take those first steps into education, training, and employment. 

We also have a mentoring programme where we can pair you with a professional mentor for 12 months! 

Contact us we would love to hear from you!