A monthly open mic for, by and with young people and adults living with a disability. Every month there will be daytime session on a Wednesday and an evening session on a Thursday. The stage is yours, here is your opportunity to share a song, poem, comedy sketch or musical performance. All abilities welcome. This is a safe space that gives anybody the opportunity to express themselves.

This is a noisy, energetic community that loves to clap, whoop and encourage anyone to attend as a member of the audience or performer.

This open mic night was founded in 2018 at the second Kaleidoscope Festival by Storyhouse and a band called Dark Arc led by their music teacher Simon Scott.

The Garret Theatre has space for 150 people. The busiest the event has been about a 60 person audience so there is lots of room to sit spaced out if you choose to.

Wednesday Daytime Open Mic
1pm – Doors open – arrive, settle in and if you are performing say hello to Simon the MC
1.30pm – Performances will start

Thursday Evening Open Mic
6.15pm – Doors open – arrive, settle in and if you are performing say hello to Simon the MC
6.45pm – Performances will start
We are pleased to see so many people wanting to perform at the open mic! Its become so popular that the MC Simon is asking you to arrive anytime after 6.15pm to get your name on the performance list. The performance list will close at 6.45pm and the event will start soon after that.


If you would like to perform, please complete the contact form below to tell us your name, what you want to perform and if you need a backing track.


Approx 120 mins

Upcoming events

Thursday 15 June 6.15pm Garret Theatre
Wednesday 28 June 1pm Garret Theatre
Thursday 20 July 6.15pm Garret Theatre
Wednesday 26 July 1pm Garret Theatre
Thursday 17 August 6.15pm Garret Theatre
Wednesday 23 August 1pm Garret Theatre
Thursday 21 September 6.15pm Garret Theatre
Wednesday 27 September 1pm Garret Theatre
Thursday 19 October 6.15pm Garret Theatre
Wednesday 25 October 1pm Garret Theatre
Thursday 16 November 6.15pm Garret Theatre
Wednesday 29 November 1pm Garret Theatre
Thursday 21 December 6.15pm Garret Theatre

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