Martin Eden (15)

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30 July – 5 September

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Directed by Pietro Marcello
Starring: Carlo Cecchi, Luca Marinelli, Marco Leonardi, Jessica Cressy, Carmen Pommella, Vincenzo Nemolato 

Based on Jack London’s 1909 novel, director Marcello moves the action from California to post war Naples for a stylish telling of the story, with Luca Marinelli electrifying the title role. Martin, a sailor by trade is invited to lunch at the lavish family estate of the Orsinis as a thank you for saving their son in a fight. There he meets and falls in love with Elena Orsini and develops aspirations to become a writer. However, as he climbs the social ladder his success comes at a cost.  

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Approx 129 mins


Italian with English subtitles

Content Guidance:

Strong language