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Last event: Saturday 20 November 2021 at 11am
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  • The Kitchen

Local children’s authors will be telling tales and sharing stories for all ages.

Tuesdays & Thursdays during Chester Literature Festival at 4pm
Saturdays & Sundays during Chester Literature Festival at 11am

Saturday 6 November at 11am
The Clock Thief features Lucy and her brother Tom, part of a group of Extraordinary Travellers. They have no idea about the adventure that awaits them as they embark on an exciting journey through Spain as they try to discover why Cathedrals float above the ground and clocks disappear. As well as being a highly entertaining adventure, The Clock Thief is also an educational book that features Spanish language, food, culture and history throughout.
Recommended for ages 7-12


Sunday 7 November at 11am
The Spooky Train is setting off for another spooky night!
Would you like to join us and give someone a fright?
The Monsters are all ready and they know just what to do!
But who do you think is best and will shout the loudest… BOO!
An interactive story for ages 2-6


Tuesday 9 November at 4pm 
Freddie and the Phantom Pirates is the story of Freddie Palmer, a shy 12 year old boy who gets most of his excitement from the pages of his adventure books. He longs to be like those adventurers, but just hasn’t got the confidence. Then, one summer’s afternoon on the local municipal boating lake, Freddie found himself at the heart of a real life adventure when he met a mysterious pirate ship out on the lake. Find out what happened to our hero in Freddie and the Phantom Pirates, a book and forty-one verse poem about Freddie’s adventure.
Recommended for 7+


Thursday 11 November at 4pm
A tale of adventure and friendship…terrifying creatures, a brave goose and strange goings on. We follow Edward, in his amazing flying boat, from lonely tall tower over land ,sea and sky , to far away places. From riches to rags, will he find friends and happiness?
Recommended for ages 5-11


Saturday 13 November at 11am

Pippa the Penguin – this is a story about sisterhood, perseverance and one plucky penguin’s quest for flight.
Recommended for ages 2-6


Sunday 14 November at 11am
Princess Maureen is bored, all those palaces and posh parties…yawn…but then, her brother fails to return from a quest and it’s up to Maureen to find him and bring him home, and so, with her trusty hat and the help of some unlikely friends she sets of on her very first adventure!
Recommended for ages 5-10


Tuesday 16 November at 4pm
Kali, a young girl gorilla, becomes the hero of the African rainforest when she saves the leopard cubs from being crushed, in the path of the enormous, tree-eating monster. An exciting story for younger children.
Recommended for ages up to 7


Thursday 18 November at 4pm
Come and meet local storyteller, Ellen Edwin-Scott, who will be telling tales inspired by the Cheshire countryside. Expect colorful characters, real-life stories, and fun for all the family.
Recommended for ages 7+


Saturday 20 November at 11am
Can you sort the fact from the fiction? Join Chester-based author James Warwood as he hosts an interactive quiz based on his new true or false non-fiction series called Truth or Poop. Is the closest living relative to a T-Rex a chicken? Does the moon smell like gunpowder? Can a cockroach survive without it’s head? Come along to find out if it’s truth or poop.
Recommended for ages 7-11

Time details

15 - 30 minutes

On Stage Dr Amir Khan: Doctor In The House
Storyhouse Theatre

Join everyone’s favourite family doctor, Dr Amir Khan, for a fascinating, heart-warming, and frequently hilarious evening.

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Activities Youth Vibe 18+
Meeting Room

Youth Vibe over 18s is a group for D/deaf, Hearing loss or CODA people ages 18-25 to meet like-minded friends and have fun.

On Stage PopVox Choir Performance
The Kitchen

PopVox Choir is a contemporary fun and friendly choir for adults. They will be performing at Storyhouse as part of Storyhouse women.

On Stage Student Nurses Sing for Health
Wed 10.30am
The Kitchen

Student nurses from Chester University will be showcasing their newly formed choir at Storyhouse.

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Cinema Tori and Lokita (15)

1 hr 29 | A young boy and an adolescent girl, who have travelled to Belgium from Africa, pit their invincible friendship against the cruel conditions of their exile.

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Cinema Preview: Sick of Myself (Cert: TBC)

1 hr 35 | A darkly comic film about terrible people. Signe and Thomas are in an unhealthy competitive relationship that takes a vicious turn

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Cinema Prayers For The Stolen (15)

1 hr 51 | The complex, subtle, tender and heart-rending story of a young girl’s journey to adolescence in a village menaced by drug cartels and people traffickers.

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Cinema Preview: Lunana A Yak In The Classroom (PG)

1 hr 49 | A teacher struggling for inspiration is sent to the remotest school in the world. It takes being so far away to understand the importance of his work.

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Cinema Preview: Full Time (Cert: TBC)

TBC | The fantastic Laure Calamy, superbly portrays the frustration, anxiety and determination that accompany the struggle to balance the conflicting demands of the workplace and family

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Cinema Animation Festival (18)

TBC | Come and join us for a screening of the competition finalists, watch the winning animation from the 2022 competition, Black Slide

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