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Our Christmas show is the wonderful Wizard of Oz, but before that we’ve got plays, musicals, dance, comedians, and talks for you to enjoy.

On Stage Litfest Elevenses
Today 11am; Tomorrow 11am; Fri 11am; Sat 11am; Sun 11am; Mon 11am Tue 11am + more times
The Kitchen

LitFest Elevenses – every day (10 November to 1 December) at 11am LitFest Elevenses is Chester Literature Festival’s morning session. …

On Stage An Evening with Joanna Trollope
Today 7.30pm
Storyhouse Theatre

Joanna Trollope has been writing for over thirty years and is well known for her enormously successful contemporary works of fiction.  She has been described as one of the most insightful chroniclers and social commentators writing fiction today

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On Stage Uni at the Fest | Stasi Child: An Interview with David Young
Tomorrow 6pm
Garret Theatre

David Young talks in conversation with Dr Richard Millington of the University of Chester about his novels, crime in East Germany and the fascinating research and real-life stories behind the Stasi Child series – including world exclusive photos of a daring daylight escape over the Berlin Wall.

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On Stage Orpheus
Tomorrow 8.30pm
Garret Bar

Internationally award winning modern re-teling of an ancient myth. Dave is single and turning 30. He’s stood at the bar. Eurydice is a tree nymph. And Bruce Springsteen is on the juke box. A tale of impossible, death defying love told through hair raising spoken word and soaring soul music.

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On Stage Viv Groskop: How Women Own The Room: The Art Of Brilliant Speaking
Sat 2.30pm
Garret Theatre

Most books about public speaking don’t tell you what to do when you open your mouth and nothing comes out. And they don’t tell you how to get over the anxiety about performance that most people naturally have. They don’t tell you what to do in the moments when you are made, as a woman, to feel small. They don’t tell you how to own the room. This book does.

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On Stage Rob Auton: The Talk Show
Sat 8.30pm
Garret Theatre

The second best reviewed comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival 2018, ‘The Talk Show’ is a comedy/theatre/spoken word show about talking by award winning writer and performer Rob Auton.

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On Stage Simon Edge: The Hurtle of Hell
Sun 12.30pm
Garret Theatre

Chester-born Simon Edge talks about and reads from his new novel, about a gay, pleasure-seeker who – after a near-death experience – realises he may need to change his ways if he is not to end up in hell.

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On Stage Infinity Dance Tapathon
Sun 1pm
The Kitchen

Tap dancers of all ages from Infinity Dance and Theatre School are coming together to take part in The Performers…