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Storyhouse and RAWD Presents Kaleidoscope Company's Heartwarming New Show: Peter Pan and The Lost Boy Band

Storyhouse, Chester’s theatre, cinema, and library, has announced the upcoming production of Peter Pan and The Lost Boy Band, a brand new show performed by the Kaleidoscope Company on Friday 8 December.


Kaleidoscope: A Beacon of Inclusivity in Chester

Kaleidoscope Company, a cornerstone of Storyhouse’s community programme, shines as a beacon of inclusivity in Chester. The company is composed of learning disabled adults, making it the city’s only platform of its kind. This vibrant community programme encompasses a host of events and festivals throughput the year, including the much-celebrated Chester Disability Pride Parade – the only one in the UK, held this summer, where hundreds travelled through the city, proudly celebrating their disabilities.

The production of Peter Pan and The Lost Boy Band marks another achievement for the Kaleidoscope Company and its dedication to fostering artistic growth within the learning disabled adult community.

The show is produced in partnership with RAWD, an organisation committed to empowering disabled individuals to flourish in the arts. RAWD’s unwavering support has been instrumental in bringing this remarkable production to life, showcasing the incredible talents of the Kaleidoscope Company.


Peter Pan and The Lost Boy Band

Prepare for an unforgettable journey into the world of boy bands with a twist as Peter, Tinkerbell, and Wendy venture into Neverland and encounter The Lost Boyband. This epic tale is infused with a touch of nostalgia, featuring guest appearances from iconic 90’s pop sensations like Robbie, Justin, Cheryl, and Geri.


Suzie Henderson, Creative Director, Storyhouse said:

We are so excited about this production that not only promises entertainment but also shatters barriers. This show is a testament to the remarkable talent within our learning disabled adult community, offering a platform for inclusivity like never before. Through the Kaleidoscope programme we aim to redefine perceptions and showcase the incredible abilities that reside in Chester. It’s a joyous celebration of diversity and a testament to the power of inclusion.  Get ready to be entertained!

Alice Lapworth, RAWD’s Creative Producer:

We are so excited to present our second Kaleidoscope Company show. This hilarious show is a product of so much hard work in our weekly sessions and behind the scenes. Our team including RAWD Facilitators Dan and Matthew who run the sessions can’t wait for audiences to see the show and all the work that’s been put in by the company members! For some participants this is their performing debut, so it’s going to be a very special one!


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About Storyhouse

Storyhouse is a dynamic arts centre and registered charity that seamlessly blends a library, theaters, and a cinema to create an unparalleled cultural hub. With over 700,000 annual customer visits, Storyhouse stands as one of the country’s most successful arts buildings.

At the heart of Storyhouse is an innovative library, a collaborative space where community members work alongside city librarians. This pioneering library boasts the longest opening hours of any UK public library, welcoming visitors every day until 11pm. Committed to inclusivity, Storyhouse conducts over 2,000 sessions annually for marginalised communities.

In addition to its thriving library, Storyhouse runs a highly successful theatre company, and the Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre. The enchanting Moonlight Flicks open-air cinema adds to the diverse range of cultural offerings provided by Storyhouse.

With a commitment to accessibility, community engagement, and artistic excellence, Storyhouse continues to play a vital role in enriching the cultural landscape of Chester.

About Kaleidoscope Company

The Kaleidoscope Company is a collaborative effort between RAWD and Storyhouse, dedicated to empowering learning disabled adults through the arts. Members of the company meet with the RAWD team once a week, honing their talents and skills in preparation for extraordinary theatre performances at Storyhouse.