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Storyhouse Young Company (SYC): Fostering Talent and Opportunity for Young Actors

In its commitment to nurture local talent and provide opportunities for aspiring actors, Storyhouse has revealed the class of 2024 for Storyhouse Young Company (SYC).

Offering a unique, FREE six-month acting programme, SYC is a rare opportunity in the borough, providing valuable training and acting opportunities for young people with a passion for the stage.

Each year, Storyhouse conducts auditions to select a group of talented young actors who will form the core ensemble for a production.

Furthermore, SYC  will create the opportunity for the young actors to gain real-world experience by participating in the professional acting company at Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre during the summer season. These coveted placements are made possible through the generous donations of last year’s audiences, who contributed over £10,000 to support the scheme and provide valuable opportunities for the next generation of performers.

Funding for SYC also comes from the Noel Coward Foundation, underscoring the importance of investing in young talent and providing them with the necessary resources to succeed in the competitive world of acting.

SYC is testament to Storyhouse’s commitment to creating opportunities for young people in the community. By offering a platform for local talent to develop their skills, gain exposure, and potentially kickstart their careers, SYC plays a vital role in fostering a vibrant and thriving arts scene in the borough.

Suzie Henderson, Creative Director at Storyhouse said:

We are blown away by the talent of this year’s SYC, the programme isn’t just about the performances; it’s about the journey of growth, learning, and empowerment that each participant undergoes. Through SYC, we can continues to empower young actors, paving the way for a future generation of performers to shine bright on the stage and beyond!

The class of 2024: Performed by Ali Dodds, Alisia Tonkin, Cai Gruffudd, Catriona Keep, Conor Hinchcliffe, Francesca Davidson, Francesca Hughes, Hannah Rose Curtis, Harry Peaker, Ioan Hedd O’Neill, Kayleigh Coleman, Laura Franco, Neve McLaughlin, Omar Hussein, Patrick Bailey and Tyler Clark.

Show announcement will be announced in April, last year SYC performed The Trials.

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