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Talking Hitchcock presents The Apartment Trilogy


In this trilogy of tightly wound and timelessly entertaining films, Hitchcock-at the peak of his storytelling powers- weaves three captivating, show stopping tales of suspense. As distinctive as they are from one another, these works also share a connective fabric, most notably of all in the confined locations of their apartment settings.

Themes of fear, desire, and a struggle to uncover the truth rest at the heart of these films through which Hitchcock offers a look at human relationships, the performance and concealment of murder, and the ambiguity of life, that is both playful and profound.

In  Rope (1948), the directors’ first technicolour film, we open onto an unforgettably macabre scene, but just how did we get here and who is to blame? Celebrating their 70th anniversary this year are Dial M for Murder  and Rear Window (1954). The first is a beautifully simple and yet oftentimes strikingly complex tale of male power and an attempt to silence the female voice. Finally, the last film of the trilogy invites us to consider not only what protagonist LB Jeffries is watching from his window, but to question our own relationship with the art of looking.

Screening all three films across two days, Talking Hitchcock presents The Apartment Trilogy is a unique opportunity to experience the mastery, the intrigue, and the immersiveness of Hitchcock’s haunting and intoxicating cinematic universe.

Each film will be introduced by Rebecca McCallum, with a special Q&A session following the screening of Rear Window.

About Rebecca McCallum

Rebecca is a writer, editor, speaker and creator/host of Talking Hitchcock , a podcast that explores the work and the world of her favourite director. The podcast covers deep dives on Hitchcock’s films as well as topic driven discussions on everything in the Hitchcockian universe, from the role of architecture to the importance of decoding costume.She has written about Hitchcock’s films both online and in print for many publications including Fangoria, Grim Journal , Hemlock Books and MovieJawn.  She has spoken at HitchCon  the biggest international Hitchcock conference of its kind and co-hosted a programme Hitchcock and Me on BBC Radio.  She is Senior Contributor of Moving Pictures Film Club where she has a collection of essays Hitchcock’s Women .

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