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The Minority Languages Film Season

In partnership with the Department of Languages and Cultures at the University of Chester

26 September – 17 October

Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez recently suggested that the Spanish regional languages Basque, Catalan and Galician become official languages of the European Union, thus stressing the importance of these languages for Spanish identity. Similarly, recent debates around the very character of the National Eisteddfod reveal that those questions are at the very heart of regional identities and often ardently debated.  

As a matter of fact, most European countries are plurilingual. This cultural and linguistic diversity is increasingly reflected in European cinema. To give an overview over the wealth of these films, Storyhouse and the Department of Cultures and Languages at the University of Chester organise a film season focussing on four films, two from Spain and two from the United Kingdom.

The festival starts with a roundtable on the future of minority languages on 26 September, the European Day of Languages. The table will be chaired by Timo Obergöker, Professor of French Studies at the University of Chester and son of a speaker of Low German, Eva-Bru-Dominguez, a speaker of Catalan and a lecturer of Spanish and Catalan and Simon Roberts who authored the book: From the Welsh Border to the World. Travels in Minority Languages (Chester UP: 2020).

Dion Wyn Hughes will also join the panel, Dion is currently the interim cinema coordinator at Pontio Arts and Innovation and is working as a film producer in Wales.


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