Storyhouse Originals: Season 11

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Season 11 is a new season of drama made by Storyhouse. It’s called Season 11 because this will be the eleventh year we have been producing theatre in Chester, since our first production of Much Ado About Nothing in 2010. We are proud to offer a season of shows that celebrates our creative communities and tells powerful personal stories about living here and now.

There is a classic horror, a black comedy, a pioneering drama, a psychological thriller, a disco musical, and a deadly tragedy; it is extraordinarily varied. All are Storyhouse Originals: you can only see them here and they were made just for you.

Robert Louis Stephenson’s chilling classic The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde shows a man’s descent into moral bankruptcy. His inheritance is one of wealth and power, but addiction will not discriminate.

Pioneering drama Blue Stockings and deadly Greek tragedy Antigone tell stories of young women fighting to make their voices heard in men-first worlds: we find Antigone in ancient Thebes and Tess and her fellow first years in nineteenth-century Cambridge. These are strong female voices made powerless, but ready to fight to the death to change that.

The sexually-charged psychological thriller Miss Julie presents another young woman, who has all the wealth she could ever need but whose voice is ignored and she is desperate for more: to build a future of her own. But Julie’s mission, like Dr Jekyll’s, is one of self-destruction. All the money in the world can’t save her.

Comedy musical Brewster’s Millions introduces Sheena Brewster, a disco-obsessed single mother working three jobs to survive. Riotous farce The Suicide puts Simon Little centre stage: a middle-aged man out of work and ready to end his life. These stories speak of two Cestrians who, like 23% of Chester’s households, live on less than the living wage. Each suddenly finds themselves valued, even celebrated, as Sheena inherits millions and Simon becomes a local celebrity when the events around his suicide attempt spiral out of control.

Season 11 listens to people struggling to negotiate poverty and powerlessness. Drawn from across the ages and around the world, they speak to our city today: these are stories too relevant, too thrilling and occasionally too much fun to be ignored. Enjoy!

Alex Clifton
Artistic Director

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Get a season ticket for all 6 productions and save 25% on ticket prices (no longer available)
Get a season ticket for 4 or 5 productions and save 20% on ticket prices

by Robert Louis Stevenson
A new stage version by Glyn Maxwell

“Why did you wake me? I was dreaming a fine bogey tale.” I had awakened him at the first transformation scene.

From the fevered mind of one of the world’s best-ever storytellers comes his most chilling classic – the tale of fiendish science and an ill-advised attempt at a real-life split personality. Will he control his monstrous alter ego, or shall we truly find ourselves “aghast before the acts of Edward Hyde”?

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by Nikolai Erdman

Everyone has a dream. Poor Simon’s is to play the tuba – when that fails, he contemplates his own end. What should be a simple tragedy, becomes a total farce – and now everyone is out to profit from his misery. A classic Russian comedy, banned by Stalin, very possibly for being too funny.

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by Jessica Swale

It is 1896. Tess Moffat and her fellow first-years are determined to win the right to graduate from university. Four defiant young women battle the cruelty of class divides, the distractions of love and the men ready to do anything to stop them, as they fight to change the future of education.

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by August Strindberg

A new adaptation of Strindberg’s thrilling psychological drama, newly politically-charged in Amy Ng’s adaptation for Storyhouse. Chinese New Year, 1940s Hong Kong. Julie is the daughter of the island’s British Governor. With her father away for the weekend, Julie comes downstairs to join the servants as they party, initiating a sexually-charged power game with her father’s butler. What starts as a game descends into a fight for survival as sex, power, money and race collide on a hot night in the Pearl River Delta.

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by George McCutcheon

A major new disco musical from Storyhouse, based on the story made famous by Richard Pryor’s film. Brewster can certainly have her millions, but only by blowing the lot… A month of disco-dizzy mayhem and hilarity as Brewster must spend a fortune fast to make a fortune last. An empowering moral fable, reminding us that love is all we need.

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by Sophocles

Antigone mourns her brother, left to rot in the field by her callous uncle, the tyrant King. She needs to honour her brother, to bury him. But whose law is greater – her god’s or her king’s?  Antigone picks the fight anyway, and a personal tragedy of ancient Greek proportions follows. Sophocles’ taut, deadly masterpiece tears the family and the state apart in this urgent political drama.

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Storyhouse Originals: Season 11
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On Stage The Suicide
Storyhouse Theatre

Everyone has a dream. Poor Simon’s is to play the tuba – when that fails, he contemplates his own end. A pitch-black Russian comedy, banned by Stalin.

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On Stage Blue Stockings
Storyhouse Theatre

1896. Four defiant young women battle distractions of love, class and misogyny as they fight to change the future of education.

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On Stage Miss Julie
Storyhouse Theatre

Strindberg’s thrilling psychological drama. Crashing the servants’ party, Julie initiates a sexually-charged power game with her father’s butler.

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On Stage Brewster’s Millions
Storyhouse Theatre

A major new disco musical from Storyhouse. Brewster can certainly have her millions, but only by blowing the lot…

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On Stage Antigone
Storyhouse Theatre

Whose law is greater – her god’s or her king’s? Sophocles’ taut, deadly masterpiece tears a family and the state apart in this urgent political drama.

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On Stage Peter Pan
Storyhouse Theatre

Coming to Storyhouse this Christmas, after the sensational The Wizard of Oz, we’re following the second star to the right…

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