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Dee Sign Choir

The Great Midsummer Spectacular

This event has passed

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Originally formed by Anne Hesketh in 1997, Dee Sign Choir performs in British Sign Language (BSL) to music. BSL is the official language of Deaf people in the UK. Dee Sign has celebrated its 25th anniversary this year and Anne Hesketh, has decided to retire from her role as Director of the choir and has handed over to three new directors, Sallie Fletcher, Lorraine Lipscombe, and Celia Chapman

We translate the words of many popular songs into BSL and perform them at events in Chester and the surrounding areas. In terms of the translations we produce for the choir in sign language, we need to make sure we are capturing the meaning of the song. We also need to translate the lyrics so that the signs are in time with the music itself, at the same time providing and interesting and thought-provoking performance.

The Choir is open to all ages and is made up of members who have Deaf family, members of the local Deaf community, students of BSL, and people who have an interest in BSL.

Approx 60 mins


Non-members: £5