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Rating 12A
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Directed by Babak Jalali
Starring Anaita Wali Zada, Jeremy Allen White, Gregg Turkington

Donya, a young Afghan who moved to Fremont, California after serving as a translator for the American army, spends her days working at a fortune cookie factory and her nights wide awake battling between her desire to rebuild her life and the overbearing guilt she carries within. In a bid to connect with the world, she sends an unconventional message through a fortune cookie. Tinged with  deadpan humour, this charming and sensitive immigrant tale premiered in the 2023 Sundance Film Festival.

Co-written with Carolina Cavalli (Amanda) and starring newcomer and former journalist Anaita Wali Zada alongside Jeremy Allen White (The Bear) and comedian Gregg Turkington (Ant-Man).



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Approx 88 mins

£8.90 / £8 for screenings before 5pm
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£6.65 for under 16s
(Non-Members: £7.40)

£5 for Young Storyhouse Card
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 utterly delightful Jarmuschian drama.” – The Observer.

 “surprising refugee comedy drama is a thing of wonder” – Evening Standard.

“stylish, sweet… a poignant reflection on the modern immigrant experience” – Little White Lies.

“a low-key immigrant tale of human connection” – The Times.