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Fri 28 June 2024 • 4pm

The Cestrian English Project

Part of Chester Heritage Festival

Event details

The Cestrian English project comprises two parts: Talking Chester, focusing on accent, dialect and identity in Chester, and Changing Chester, which focuses on written representations of Chester over time.

The project involves capturing spoken and written considerations of Cestrian identity, drawing on the input of former and current Chester residents, and in the wealth of writings about Chester from locals and visitors over hundreds of years.

The Chester Heritage Festival has been invited to join this session of the 10th Northern Englishes Workshop as hosted by the University of Chester. It will showcase work from both sides of the project and, following the talks, meet the project team for anyone who would like to know more, or to be involved with the project in the future.

Garret Theatre, Garret Theatre
Approx 60 minutes

Free- please book a space!