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Tue 13 August 2024 • 7:30pm

The City of Curses- A Murder Mystery by Trial

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In the midst of civil war, hunger and incurable sickness – something worse haunts the streets of Chester, something the locals cannot lock their doors from. Witchcraft!  

With the infamous Witch Hunts ripping through Europe, desperation conjures paranoid reaction amongst the towns folk and they have taken matters into their own hands. Join the secret trial held outside the safety of Chester’s city-walls where a Witch; accused of sorcery, seduction and murder must prove her innocence. But with rumours spreading like the plague – is everyone telling the truth?  

Inspired by the historical ‘Witch Hunt Craze’ and Chester’s dark history you are invited to be the jury in this interactive and site specific Murder Mystery Show.  

Mature, period, inspired by historical events. References to historical torture and execution methods that some viewers may find unsettling.  

Grosvenor Park, Grosvenor Park Open Air Theatre

Members: £22.50

Non-members: £25 (each ticket is subject to a £1.50 booking fee)

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