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Young Storyhouse + The Agency

Empowering young people to make change

Storyhouse has teamed up with pioneering UK-wide creative entrepreneurship organisation The Agency to help local young people harness the arts to make real change in their communities.

Together, Storyhouse and The Agency give young people in Lache agency to make a mark on their community, with support and financial investment to create lasting positive change and develop skills.

How does it work?

During a 12-week project, a group of young people from Lache are supported to use creativity to develop their own ideas. The young people develop skills in project management, networking, creative problem solving and presentation. They then pitch their ideas to a panel and 3 of the projects receive £2000 funding and further support.

Max's Project: Wise Connections

Max’s project addresses young people’s loneliness in Lache.

Through a Buddy system, he aims to create shared experiences, boosting the confidence and social skills of young individuals with neurodiversity.

Jinny and Kera-Leigh's Project: Don't Tell Me To Calm Down

Don’t Tell Me To Calm Down is a Rage Room designed to minimize physical and mental effects that suppressing anger has on the body, by exploring female rage in a safe space. Afterward using the Rage Room to smash and break things, there will be an opportunity to create a mosaic from the broken pieces, in a calm environment.

Georgia's Project: Constructing Connections

Constructing Connections aims to inspire the next generation in Lache towards a career in STEM, guiding participants in constructing a robot over a five-week period, introducing them to STEM career pathways and culminating with a Robot Wars style event.

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