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Storyhouse Women Weekend 2024

Storyhouse Women Weekend 2024: A Celebration of Empowerment, Connection and Urgent Conversations

Women’s rights, climate action, finances, cold water immersion, hormones, grief and imposter syndrome are topics amongst the 36 events at Storyhouse Women weekend this March.

Storyhouse in Chester has announced the lineup for the highly anticipated Storyhouse Women Weekend 2024, which will take place Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March.

A vibrant celebration coinciding with International Women’s Day in March. This annual festival, now in its fourth year is curated by a diverse group of women from Chester, promises a transformative experience filled with thought-provoking discussions, empowering workshops, and captivating performances.

Urgent Conversations:

As women’s rights, equality, and well-being take centre stage globally, Storyhouse Women Weekend aims to address these urgent issues head-on. With a carefully curated programme, the festival seeks to amplify voices, share stories, and provoke thought on critical topics including gender equality, climate action, mental health, and more.

Diverse Perspectives and Inclusive Events:

The festival features a rich and diverse lineup of events designed to engage attendees of all ages and backgrounds. From insightful panel discussions and thought-provoking workshops to soulful performances and interactive sessions, Storyhouse Women Weekend offers something for everyone.

Programme Highlights:

Keynote Address: Activist Patsy Stevenson, who went viral after a photo of her arrest at the Sarah Everrard vigil, will deliver a keynote speech on reclaiming our streets, challenging misogyny in the police force, and inspiring positive change.

Talks: Explore diverse topics such as female hormones, purpose finding, open water swimming, the gender pay gap, imposter syndrome, the impact of caring responsibilities, grief, and honour-based abuse through insightful talks by experts and activists.

Workshops: Engage in hands-on and interactive workshops covering self-defence, confidence, dance, writing comedy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping, yoga, an eco-walk, finances, menopause in the workplace, the menstrual cycle, and the power of vision boards to transform your life.

Performances: Enjoy soulful performances, including music from Angeline Morrisey, Clara Day, a Bollywood dance performance, Dee sign choir and a comedy night with award-winning writer and performer Molly Naylor.

Suzie Henderson, Creative Director at Storyhouse said:

Storyhouse Women Weekend is not just a festival; it’s a movement towards empowerment and positive change.

The weekend aims to create a space where every voice is valued, fostering meaningful connections, and inspiring positive change. Attendees are encouraged to actively participate, share their thoughts, and connect with fellow festival-goers who share a passion for progress.

Join us on this transformative journey, leave inspired, informed, and ready to carry the momentum forward. We cant wait to welcome you!

A weekend pass for Storyhouse Women is £10, individual events are £5 or free. With some events individually priced.

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Nancy Davies


Saturday 2 March

Why Do We Need Storyhouse Women? – 10:30

How ‘Giving Back’ Saved My Life – 12:00

Why Empowering Girls and Women Means Better Climate Solutions – 12:00

Chester – Sustainable City Tour  – 13:15

Challenging Your Inner Critic, Self-Doubt, and Imposter Syndrome – 13:30

Climate Crisis Support and Discussion with Chloe Naldrett – 13:30

EFT Tapping – Navigating Anxiety with Ease – 13:30

Navigating The Rights of Women + Girls – 13:30

SOS Dance Workshop – 14:30

An Expert Explains – 15:00

Confidence – Level Up – 15:00

The Impact of Caring on Women + Girls – 15:00

Patsy Stevenson – Why I Went Viral – 16:30

Spoken Word & Comedy Workshop with Molly Naylor – 16:30

Comedy Night with Molly Naylor – 19:30

Sunday 3 March

-: Yoga and Brunch with The Good Food Yogi          09:30

– : Speed Friending 11am

-: The Future of Chester is Female    11:00

-: “Whirlwind” Moving Recovery Workshop    12:00

-: The Healing Relationship Between Nature and Grief        12:30

-: Why It’s Ok to Be a Bit More Medium          12:30

-: Your Menstrual Cycle           12:30

-: Cold Water Immersion – What’s all the fuss about?            14:00

-: Empower Your Life Through Vision Boards             14:00

-: Menopause in the Workplace – Insights for Managers        14:00

-: Panel Discussion –  There is No ‘Honour’ in Abuse              14:00

-: Are Hormones a Curse or our Hidden Superpower?           15:30

-: Self Defence Workshop        15:30

-: Unlocking Financial Confidence – Empowering Women on their Financial Journeys             15:30

-: Storyhouse Women Q&A      16:45

-: Your Fat Friend + Virtual Q&A          17:30


About Storyhouse  

Storyhouse is one of the UK’s foremost cultural centres incorporating a library, theatres and a cinema. It is one of the country’s most successful arts buildings, with more than one million customer visits each year.

The pioneering new library within Storyhouse, where members of the community work alongside city librarians, boasts the longest opening hours of any UK public library and is open every day until 11pm. It runs over 2,000 sessions a year for marginalised communities

The company also runs a highly successful theatre company and the country’s most successful regional open-air theatre, in the city’s Grosvenor Park and Moonlight Flicks open air cinema.

Website: To subscribe, visit Twitter: @storyhouselive Facebook: Address: Hunter Street, Chester, CH1 2AR To become a member:


About Storyhouse Women

Storyhouse Women was established in 2018, it’s a celebration of the strength, resilience, and diversity of women and girls. This transformative weekend, curated by a diverse group of women in Chester, is a collective effort to address urgent issues, amplify voices, and celebrate narratives that shape women’s experiences.

In a world where discussions on women’s rights, equality, and well-being are crucial, Storyhouse Women Weekend stands as a beacon, dedicated to addressing these pressing matters head-on. Attendees are invited to immerse themselves in thought-provoking discussions, empowering workshops, and captivating performances, covering topics relevant to them.