Neverland’s Lost Children

Twenty one children aged between eight and thirteen were auditioned from Storyhouse’s Youth Theatre and now make-up Neverland’s Lost Children.

The talented troop will divide into three teams of seven to perform across all 64 shows. They will dance, sing and even perform fight sequences. They will be performing various characters including sharks, pirates, Lost Children and Mikey Darling.


Archie Davey

Isabel Wordsworth

Alice Collova

Raphael da Cunha

Ben Nelson

Hallie Lodge

Mia Parry


Patrick Gambles

Henrietta Besga Saenz de Magarola

Hermione Besga Saenz de Magarola

Theo Bailey

Fynn Williamson

Annabelle Hughes

Martha Gambles


Mia Jesenska

Hettie Pilott

William Lee

Freya Woodcock-Daniels

Henry Harrison

Amy Russell

Tallulah Willets

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