Brewster’s Millions and Antigone postponed.

Storyhouse has postponed two home-produced shows in May due to economic uncertainty resulting from the Coronavirus development. The final instalments of Storyhouse Original’s Season 11, Brewster’s Millions and Antigone, have been postponed. 

CEO Andrew Bentley explains that this is a financial rather than public safety move “like all young producers we are susceptible to this situation. This is a big investment for us: we need to protect our position and plan carefully for every eventuality.  These shows will absolutely go ahead but can wait until the autumn.  Thankfully we are a very nimble company and well placed to respond to these kind of developments.

Nothing else is affected and Storyhouse enjoys tremendous support from our customers who are showing no signs of letting this current worry get in the way of a good night out, which means a lot to us.”


What does that mean for Brewster’s Millions and Antigone bookers?
All bookers are being contacted directly and full refunds have been processed for everyone affected. As soon as we have new dates for these shows, they will be the first to know!

Is anything else cancelled?
No. We have no current plans to cancel anything else in our programme, all other events are going ahead.

What will you do instead?
We want to continue to fill the building with happiness, so our programming team will be adding extra activity in the theatre and throughout the building which will be lots of fun and accessible to as many as possible. We will be sharing these extra events as soon as we can.

Why haven’t you announced the new dates?
The next space available on our stage is in the Autumn and we are in the process of confirming exact dates which we will share as soon as we can.

What are you doing to stop the Coronavirus spreading?
Storyhouse is a public building and it’s important to us that people continue to feel safe when they are here. To help with this, we are making it easier. Find out more here.