Storyhouse’s Young Company to perform at Grosvenor Open Air Theatre this summer

On 20 and 21 July Storyhouse’s Young Company made up of ages 14 to 16 of young people from Chester, will perform a brand new play at Grosvenor Open Air Theatre in a showcase of new talents.

Young Storyhouse cast member, Joe, says the show will be “An interesting modern and entertaining fun night out that is truly unique” and describes Flesh as “relevant, modern, and something young people can relate to”.

He has loved working with Young Storyhouse and adds “It’s been wonderful to work with the young company yet again and it’s been great to be able to think about sight lines and audience participation when it comes to performing in the round”.

Flesh by playwright Rob Drummond explores the danger of human nature and forces audiences to question our moralities and pushes the lengths in which people will go to survive.

When a group of teenagers wake up on an island with no memory of what’s happened, where they are or even who they are, tribal competition unfolds. Territory rapidly emerges and the social conditioning they are accustomed to is stripped back until they are left with their true primal selves. Exploring  contemporary issues and using shock value Flesh interrogates human morality and asks the question, “where do we draw the line?”

Flesh is performed, stage managed and marketed by members of Young Storyhouse, young people aged between 16-25 looking to gain experience in the creative industries.

Flesh is suitable for ages 14+ and tickets are from £4.50,

To book tickets and find out more visit