Sustainability at Storyhouse

We’re currently working with students from Sheffield Hallam University to create new sustainable initiatives that can be implemented into our environmental strategy.

To do this, we’re asking our community of visitors, customers and audience members to complete a quick 5-minute survey (15 questions). This will inform Storyhouse’s environmental strategy and help us work together toward a greener future.

Complete the survey here.


Storyhouse is on a mission to be as sustainable as possible – in 2022 we held the first ever Storyhouse Climate, a day of events exploring solutions to the climate crisis.

Here are some ways Storyhouse is working hard to be more sustainable:

• we have 3 colonies of bees – you can buy their honey from The Kitchen
• our solar panels generate enough power to light 100 shows a year (and we’re installing more!)
• we’re a member of Chester Zoo’s Sustainable Palm Oil City conservation campaign
• we do not use single-user plastic cutlery, polystyrene, sauce sachets or plastic straws at any of our venues
• all of our staff and visitors are encouraged to use green travel options to get to us
• our annual carbon offset is the equivalent of planting 50 trees
• 100% of our food waste is converted into energy
• zero waste from Storyhouse goes into landfill
• all of our lights are LED
• The Kitchen’s meat, dairy, fresh produce and bread suppliers are all local

“Every person is the right person to act. Every moment is the right moment to begin.”– Jonathan Schell