Young Catalysts

Young Catalysts is a group made up of two members of each Young Storyhouse group. They make sure that Storyhouse puts young people at the heart of the work and that the voice of young people is represented in decisions. Young Catalysts is a great opportunity for young people to contribute giving insight, advice, ideas, feedback and support for other young people.

Their responsibilities include:
Take part in consultations to influence decision-making. 
Attend meetings and events to promote the voice of young people.
Plan and run campaigns and events to give young people a voice.
Review our performance and constructively challenge areas for improvement.
Make decisions on any branding related to Young Storyhouse.
Being part of the interview panel for Young Storyhouse roles.
Having input into any social opportunities for all young people to come together including leading on the activity and communication.
Being a peer mentor.

Young Catalysts particular focuses in 2021 are: 
Access and Inclusion
Sustainability – here’s an article they have written on Storyhouse’s Bees!


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