YS Company (17-25 age group)

YS Company 17-25 is a programme at Storyhouse for 17-25 year olds to give you an insight into making and sharing stories. You’ll get real-life theatre experience making your own productions and finding out how the theatre industry works.

Could I join Young Company?

Yes! If you have an interest in theatre making this group is for you.

Young Company is a programme for 17-25 year olds looking for extra support and a place to explore the theatre industry as a potential career pathway. It is designed to give you an insight into making and sharing stories. You’ll get real-life theatre experience making your own productions and finding out how the industry works! Supported by a team of creative professionals you will build confidence working towards further training in college or university.

It requires no existing experience, and the audition process is really informal – it is about us getting to know you.

There are 3 groups

SPACES AVAILABLE: Production Artists – This group will look at stage management, costume, design, lighting, and sound. You will look at all the elements that go into making the performance look great on stage! This group is really flexible and will allow you to sample a wide range of the theatre industry from around the world.

SPACES AVAILABLE. Directors – This group will look at a range of artist skills from around the world and develop skills in storytelling. You will develop skills in theatre making and how to prepare for a production, how to work with the creative team, rehearsal techniques and collaboration skills.

THIS GROUP IS NOW FULL. Performing Artists – This group will look at a range of performance skills from around the world and develop skills in theatre making and storytelling. You will develop your understanding of theatre and get to the opportunity to perform for an audience.

How will it work?

In a small team made up of Production Artists, Performing Artists and Directors you will be given a brief to create and devise your own piece of theatre together that you will share with an audience in July 2022.

You will:

· Find out what happens backstage

· Become part of a creative team

· Make your own theatre, with a real budget and a real audience

· Make and source props and set

· Perform at Storyhouse or in the community – you choose!

· Work collaboratively with the community

· Explore career pathways

· Create a portfolio

· Meet and collaborate with other creatives

When do Young Company meet?

The Production Artists and Performing Artists programme runs October 2021 – July 2022. The groups meet termly on Tuesdays 1pm – 4pm.
The directors group will start in 2022!

Will I get a qualification?

You will be encouraged and supported to complete a Gold Arts Award. Gold Arts Award is a level 3 nationally recognised award, and comes with 16 UCAS points. More information here. Through your Arts Award you will also create a portfolio that demonstrates your work.

How much is YS Company?

Fees are £90 per term. We do have reduced rates if you are on means tested benefits and we have bursary spaces available.
Contact us at learning@storyhouse.com to discuss this more! We don’t want cost to be your barrier to experiencing this programme.

What else do I need to know?

We will be hosting informal auditions as we do only have a limited number of places available in Young Company. This is to ensure we can deliver a quality programme for you!

We invite you to be mindful that we have endeavoured to create a safe space. We have a Safe Space Code of Conduct that you will find here – if you think anything is missing, or could be made clearer, let us know!

We will remove people from our session if they do not agree to these terms and are not kind or respectful to us, YS Members, visiting artists, and especially those whose characteristics are protected by the Equality Act 2010.

How do I sign up?

If you know a young person who would benefit, you can refer them here, or if you are a young person who is interested you can let us know by filling out the form below, and a Young Storyhouse team member will be in touch.

There are two Young Company groups, Young Company for 14-16 year olds, and Young Company for 17-25 year olds. Looking for the 14-16 age group? Head here.

YS Company (17-25 age) sign-up form

  • Ways we have supported before include: One-to-one support in sessions, Meeting you before the session to allow you to be familiar with the space, Reminding you to take a break, Having coloured overlays available, Share the session plans with you in advance
    Please tick as many of the below that you are interested in. Please note: there are no right or wrong answers here – we are asking this to help us ensure we cater our programme for you and your interests

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