Artist Sven Werner’s new work for Storyhouse

Sven Werner’s new work for Storyhouse will transport participants into another’s memories.

Storyhouse, Chester’s multi award-winning theatre, cinema and library has announced its latest unmissable digital art commission by composer and filmmaker Sven Werner will launch in May 2019.

Encompassing sound, sculpture, music and storytelling, Werner’s background as a filmmaker has a significant influence upon his work. His recent immersive audio-visual installations create atmospheric film scenes that use miniature models to introduce audiences to his poetic, magical worlds. His new work for Storyhouse Poulsen Arc Dream Radio is an immersive installation that will see a five-meter square booth installed in Storyhouse’s ‘Juliet Balcony’ located in the art deco foyer. The booth’s exterior will appear as a mysterious well-travelled, mobile weather station or radio booth. Designed to be experienced by visitors one person at a time, stepping inside they will enter a carefully designed memorised space; an artistic reflection of a room far away, where an individual started the journey that eventually brought him or her to Chester.

Werner spent several weeks collecting meaningful memories in conversation with people who made Chester their home but are not originally from the city. Sitting within the intimate protective space of the booth, visitors will listen to stories, inspired by those memories. The installation will be re-written and interwoven with artist Graeme Miller’s highly atmospheric soundscapes. The booth is furthermore equipped with a live audio connection to the city/place of origin of the memory, allowing visitors to listen in or even communicate with people living there now.

Sven Werner said: “Chester is a city full of fascinating stories and communities. Many people I spoke to, coming from all over the world, seem to have experienced a special welcome from Chester and made it their home. They have each been so very generous in sharing their private memories for me to interpret”

Commissioned by Storyhouse. Funded by Cheshire West and Chester Council.
The installation is free to experience and open to visitors from May. Find out more about the opening and launch soon here.