Statement on staging a Christmas show and how you are becoming a Christmas theatre angel….

Storyhouse has been the country’s busiest arts producer during and after lockdown.

A Comedy of Errors at Grosvenor Park in August, which sold out in two weeks, was the UK’s only full-scale theatre production of the summer; Storyhouse itself was the first theatre, first library, first cinema in the country, to re-open in July.

Now we’re launching a new Christmas show. We’re doing to it to save jobs, and therefore to save Storyhouse, along the way we’ll bring some much needed and unbridled cheer to families and our city.

But how are we are managing it, where other Christmas theatre angels currently fear to tread?

We have a superbly flexible space which can be configured in many ways, and we’ve organised it to make sure people have the necessary space but still feel fully part of the show. You can read about our first-grade safety measures here.

In terms of taking the financial risk in these uncertain times, we’re all in it together. A small part of your ticket price is a donation which effectively helps insure the show against being shut down. Our wonderful actors and crew are being flexible if that happens, and this year’s show budget is a little lower than normal, but that won’t take away from the joy. We are going to cry and laugh together in that way that only Christmas brings about.

If we have to pull a performance, or if you can’t come for the obvious reasons, we’ll move you to another date. If we have to do a Fred Astaire and call the whole thing off, then the world won’t have come to an end, but we had a good go.

We don’t believe that’s going to happen, so buckle up for the best Christmas ever!

Seriously, we’d love and need your support right now. Our business is making you happy, and we are getting back to work.