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180 Degree Chord

This event has passed

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If you enjoy gritty police dramas with strong character-driven plots and great acting, then this is one for you! Following its highly successful tour in 2022, Chris Leicester’s original drama comes to Storyhouse as part of its 2024 tour.

180 Degree Chord synopsis

You’re the pride of the police force. You’re ruthless and unethical. Then fate intervenes. One moment you’re a detective sergeant and the next, a convicted murderer. Now you’re in the very same prison you sent most of your scalps to. News of your arrival spreads, the riot starts, and they come looking for you. A fellow inmate hides you in his cell and you flee together. But who is Connor and why is he protecting you exactly? You’ll soon find out as your past life comes back to haunt you.

This event is a hire of Storyhouse’s Garret Theatre. Find out more about 180 Degree Chord here.

2 hours including an interval

Non-members: £15
(each ticket is subject to a £1.50 booking fee)

Storyhouse Members: £13.50


“Fantastic show storyline had great intensity brilliant story line and superb acting would highly recommend” 

“Fantastic, thought provoking. Excellent acting, absolutely brilliant”

“A fabulous play and so cleverly done. I would recommend it”

“Some of the best fringe theatre I have ever seen, wouldn’t surprise me if we were to see these boys on the big screen / bigger theatre soon”

 “Great show, amazing performance from the actors. Very well planned switch between scenes… left me and friends very emotional, highly recommend!” 

“Very good, gripping, acting impactful. Highly recommend!”

“Superb acting and very much enjoyed the play”

“Well written and well acted. Well done”

“Intense performance in a small, intimate space. Excellent acting and great script”

“Great play”

“Play was really emotive and gritty. Highly recommend”

“The production was excellent: well acted and conveyed the tension of a prison riot with minimal props and sound effects. The play would translate to TV very well”

 “Well written storyline fantastic actors”

 “Such an authentic play”

 “The quality of the acting was top notch; script & story were well crafted, dark, disturbing & excellently observed, well played”

“It was fab!”

“Thank you. Amazing”

 “Very interesting, I’ve never been to anything like this before. Acting was great!”

“The flyer lead me to believe it would be more humorous when in fact is a dark & unsettling piece, played true. The humour is crafted in to the wile of the character but continues dark and adult. Dramatic? Absolutely! Credible characters? Definitely! Physical, clever & poignant”

“You were drawn into the stories which gripped you until the end”

 “Entertaining and interesting”

“Fantastic talented cast that brought this story alive in a truly real and authentic depiction of what can happen behind bars when the wrong turn of events gets one there !”

“Great acting, interesting play with twists and turns”

 “Excellent evening, very glad I went”

“Really lovely venue and well written and performed play”

 “I’ve never been to something like this before. It was really good and interesting”

 “I liked the quality of acting and the storyline”

“I enjoyed the small venue. The acting was excellent and an interesting plot”