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Sat 2 March 2024 • 1pm


Storyhouse Women

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This event is part of Storyhouse Women Weekend

Step into the captivating world of Dee Sign Choir, an original signing choir in the UK established in 1997. Located in Chester, this ensemble has spent the past 26 years weaving a rich tapestry of expression through British Sign Language. Their repertoire includes a diverse array of pop songs, musical favourites, and festive tunes. 

Beyond the visual spectacle, Dee Sign Choir is on a mission to raise Deaf Awareness and support the Chester & District Committee for Deaf People through their performances. Join us for a FREE and relaxed drop-in session, where members of the choir, aged 8 and above, come together. Each member has a personal connection to the D/deaf community, whether through family ties, caregiving roles, or a commitment to studying British Sign Language. Experience the art of signing as a form of inclusive communication and expression. 

The Kitchen
1pm - 1.45pm

Free (drop in)