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Mon 29 July–Mon 25 November 2024

Language and Culture Cafe

Event details

Are you a native English speaker? Do you enjoy meeting new people, especially those not from the UK? Maybe you’re learning a new language and want to practise it with a native speaker? Is English your second language? Do you want to practise speaking English with native speakers? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Language and Culture Exchange is for you!  

How the event works…

  1. Grab a drink from the bar and take a seat
  2. Rules and instructions announced at 7.30pm
  3. 1st half. You will speak to about 5 different people
  4. Break time! Grab another drink from the bar
  5. 2nd half. Informal chat in small groups
  6. The bar is open until 11pm so feel free to stick around and chat to your new friends!

Each half has a different style:

  • Speed Style – sitting face to face with another person and have approx. 5 minutes to chat before we move you round to meet someone new
  • Stick to the informal seating area where you can chat and meet new people in groups

In each case there will be conversation starters to help you strike up a conversation. There will also be volunteers on hand to make sure you are in the right place!

What is the Language and Culture Exchange for?

It’s to…

  • Have fun
  • Meet new people
  • Perhaps practice a language you are learning
  • Learn more about a different culture

This event is run in partnership with English in Chester – a school in the city centre where students of all ages visit Chester to learn and improve their English. Students from the school attend this event so usually people from across the world are in attendance, as well as local residents.

Everyone is welcome to attend this event. If you have any questions please get in touch with

The Kitchen, Storyhouse
Garret Theatre, Garret Theatre
Approx 90 mins

Free (bookable)

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Language and Culture Cafe

29 Jul–25 Nov 2024
Monday 29 July
The Kitchen, Storyhouse
Monday 30 September
The Kitchen, Storyhouse
Monday 28 October
Garret Theatre, Garret Theatre
Monday 25 November
Garret Theatre, Garret Theatre