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Sat 2 March 2024 • 1:30pm

TALK: Navigating The Rights of Women + Girls

Storyhouse Women

Event details

This event is part of Storyhouse Women Weekend

Join us for an illuminating session, as a panel of women explore the way in which the law can both alienate and protect the rights of women and girls. 

Despite being told they can succeed and have rights, women and girls encounter threats to their safety in public spaces, online, and even within schools. Equally, while gender equality is proclaimed, women and girls often find themselves unrepresented and unheard in public life. Arguably the very law and legal system which should promote and protect rights repeatedly fails and reinforces gender inequalities.

This event promises to be an educational and eye-opening experience, exploring whether the rights of women and girls are sufficiently provided for and protected in this country.

This panel is for anyone who is interested in hearing from the panellists about their lived experiences, people interested or studying law, parents and teens who are inquisitive and feel passionately about gender equality. We would love to welcome young people in the audience supported by their parent/carer.


Main Theatre, Storyhouse Theatre
1.30pm - 2.30pm

Members: £4.50

Non-members: £5

Included in Saturday Day Pass (£10)
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The Panellists

Patsy Stevenson

Patsy Stevenson is a women’s rights campaigner, writer and public speaker. Winner of the  Harpers Bazaar Woman Of The Year award for campaigning.

After being arrested at the Sarah Everard vigil, she has supported many campaigns such as ‘kill the bill’ which fought against the police, crime, sentencing and courts bill and worked with organisations and MP’s to campaign against the public order bill.

Patsy currently consults companies on how to be inclusive and works with film directors to
ensure activism is shown in film to portray real life. She has spoken for festivals including
Primadonna Fest and for the Guardian, for universities including London South Bank university and  De Montfort University and has built up a platform of 45k followers since 2021 where she advocates for women’s rights.

She has featured on many media channels including international TV. She
currently writes for Marie Claire, Byline Times, LBC and many other news outlets. Her debut book is out next year.


Rebecca Wright

Rebecca Wright is a barrister who has dedicated much of her career to women and girls’ rights, and to the general cause of equality and non-discrimination. She completed a PhD at Oxford University on the British Suffragettes and then completed a three-year law degree at Berkeley and Harvard Law Schools, specialising in international human rights.

Rebecca’s wide-ranging legal career has seen her working across Africa, Central Asia and the United States. She established a strategic litigation initiative spanning North Africa and was co-counsel on some of the leading women’s rights cases in the African human rights system. She worked in Afghanistan, focussing on projects to promote the rights of women and the protection of civilians during warfare. She managed a project in Tajikistan assisting girls who were victims of sex trafficking and researched children’s rights in prisons in Syria.

In 2013, Rebecca returned to the UK and qualified as a barrister. Since then she has worked in the criminal and family law arenas and remains a passionate advocate for women and girls’ rights within the legal system. She helped to establish The Schools Consent Project, a charity which educates school-age children on issues around sexual consent.